dmBio Kaffee entkoffeiniert gemahlen 250 g


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dmBio ground decaffeinated coffee  250 g 

Product description 

  • Made from gently finely ground Arabica beans from the highlands of Peru, Honduras, Tanzania and Uganda
  • Decaffeinated with a full-bodied, aromatic taste and a velvety, fine character
  • Fairtrade quality and naturally vegan


For our dmBio decaffeinated coffee we use finely ground Arabica beans from the highlands of Peru, Honduras, Tanzania and Uganda. During Traditional, particularly gentle long-term roasting, the beans develop their full-bodied, aromatic taste and velvety, fine character.

Thanks to the Gentle water-based decaffeination, the harmonious aroma and balanced taste of our dmBio decaffeinated coffee is preserved.

Information about the sustainability of the product

This product has an environmental or sustainability certification or seal. With this information on sustainability we would like to make it easier for You to consume more (environmentally) consciously.


Exact product name:

Roasted coffee Ingredients:

Organic roasted coffee, decaffeinated, ground. 100% Arabica beans*. *from organic farming. If several countries of origin are listed, the raw Materials for this product are sourced from one of these countries depending on availability.

Storage instructions

For a long-lasting aromatic taste, store the opened package closed with a clip in the refrigerator. Store in a dry place away from heat and light.

dmBio Kaffee entkoffeiniert gemahlen, 250 g


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